Can you picture this: indulging

In the holiday of your dreams,

On a distant tropical island

Fringed with sunbeam-catching, pearly

 Sands, lapped by hushed, whispering waves

Of rolling light at the edges

Of a shimmering, turquoise sea,

And the spell of a magical,

Teeming, rainbow reef of coral;

The graceful, slow waltz of its life?

Now imagine you are swimming

In plastic soup, where the chances

Of seeing an exotic fish,

Or an awesome ocean creature,

Are equal to bumping into

A slimy, discarded toothbrush,

Popular- brand shampoo bottle,

Straws thrown out of garish cocktails,

Those familiar forks that once

Facilitated hasty snacks;

Where deadly, spinning particles

Form formidable killer-shoals

Of tiny, floating toxin-traps;

Nightmare of our own creation.