In war, truth is the first casualty.

– Aeschylus, Greek dramatist, 5th Century BCE

The first sequel in my Stalkbook Series, ‘Casualty of War’ has been released this Remembrance Weekend, a time when we honour the memory of those who have fought and died in wars on our behalf.

In the novella, the protagonist, Dylan, joins a mercy mission to Syria shortly before he is due to be awarded his degree in Journalism. Recent developments relating to the 8 year Syrian war have led me to reflect on the timeliness of the launch of the book. These have been summarised in two articles which challenge popular assumptions and the mainstream media narrative. One is written by Robert Fisk in the Independent, the other by Professor Tim Hayward on a second whistleblower from the OPCW (Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons), as revealed when  veteran foreign correspondent and author, Jonathan Steele, went off-script in a TV interview.

Interesting, and relevant to the story which sees Dylan committed to seeking out the truth through the fog of war. Lofty ideals and a worthwhile but tricky aspiration; one which I believe most people, keen to end unnecessary suffering, would claim to share with him. But how do we sift out and defend the truth from propaganda when Peace depends on it?