Would you be willing to take a pledge,

Sprout beans and grow your own veg?

Scorn fancy packaging – all that crap –

Drink fresh water from a tap?

Put your back into it, dig the soil,

Read food labels, shun palm oil?

Eat soya instead of juicy beef,

Embrace the nut, seed and leaf?

Forego the plastic cups, pots and trays

Of favourite take-aways?

Be sustainable, recycle clothes;

Born-again Second Hand Rose?

Get creative with nettles, plant trees

For birds and flowers for bees?

Green up, go solar, switch off at nights,

Be modest with Christmas lights?

Go electric, holiday by train,

‘Though it’s quicker on a ‘plane?

Leave the car at home, get on your bike,

Brave the buses, take a hike?

It’s good to wave banners, talk the talk,

And time to change; walk the walk.

© PamelaTurton2019